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Women for Mike Sullivan

Business and Industry Leaders Support Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector

Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Mike Sullivan is gaining the support of women throughout the Greater Houston and Harris County Region.

“We all know women are going to play a key role in this election. I listen to their concerns. I know the issues they are passionate about. I’ve worked hard to earn the votes of my friends and supporters,” said Sullivan.

Sullivan oversees a staff of more than 500 employees at the Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office. A large majority of the staff are women.

“My executive team of directors, associate directors and managers are mostly made up of women. I have promoted women on my team and compensate them for the work they do. When I took office my voter department did not represent the public that we serve. Now, my department looks like Harris County. I am proud of the diversity of my team and the extraordinary work they do.”

In the 2016 Harris County Republican Primary Sullivan received 83% of the vote, and the largest number of votes among all candidates on the ballot.

“I am excited about this election. There’s a lot to be proud of, and for the public to judge me by. I have improved customer service, embraced technology, and advocated for taxpayers. I look forward to continuing this work in my next term,” said Tax Assessor-Collector Mike Sullivan.

Women Who Support Mike:

Jacquie Baly, Entrepreneur and Political Analyst

Elizabeth Brock, Regulated Utility

Victoria Bryant, Healthcare Specialist

Amy Carl, Business Analyst

Cindy Clifford, Public Relations Specialist

Anne Clutterbuck, Former City Council Member

Suzanna Dokupil, Attorney

Darcie Durham, Former Federal Staffer

Catherine Flowers, Education

Nancy Furst, Real Estate Professional

Graci Garces, Former Houston City Council Chief of Staff

Carol Jue Churchill, Restaurateur

Sue Lovell, Former Houston City Council Member

Tammy McDowell Nigro, Real Estate Professional

Tina Paez, Public Service

Ashlea Quinonez, Former Federal Staffer

Luz Rebollar, Publisher

Kim Richards, Philanthropist

Katherine Richards, Equestrian

Katie Sherborne, Attorney

Laura Spanjian, Former Public Policy Expert

Brittany Taggert, Real Estate Professional

Patti W. Carlton, Retired

Shari Wilkins, Attorney

Katie Yount, Engineer